~ "Save Our Water"

Residential Concealed Waterless Urinals

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The Resno® "Concealed Waterless Urinal" is specifically designed to be permanently installed into a 2"x 4" stud wall in a residence.

The concealed waterless unit includes:
  • An aesthetically-pleasing door, conceals the working parts from public view
  • The concealed trough-door lifts out for easy cleaning
  • Saves on your water bill
  • Saves on sewer charges
  • ...more importantly it will help conserve millions of gallons of precious drinking water

"If half the homes in London Ontario had Resno 'Residential No Water Urinals' it would save over a million gallons of water per day."

Excerpt from the report by Derek Satnic, P.Eng, LEED AP. (assumes 130,000 dwelling unites, with 1.3 males per unit, using flush toilets.)